Who Am I?

I help business leaders to become more successful through high quality coaching in three key areas. 121 coaching and mentoring, leadership team development and supporting men and women to get the most from each other. 

I’m passionate about supporting self development and enabling leaders to achieve their full potential and release the value of their people. I believe that from a business perspective, our people are our greatest asset and if they feel part of something special, are fulfilled, happy and successful, then our customers get the best they can from us. 

I’m at my best when I’m focussed on outcomes and why we’re doing things as it’s there that I feel I can add the most value. I’m only interested in working with clients who are committed to taking action to achieve their goals. I’m about causes not symptoms and I’m about engaging with clients, not taking them through a process. I’m definitely not your woman if you’re just about going through the motions!


What I Do.

Key things I help with:

A key career juncture
Provide confidence to move up or out
Give self belief to succeed in a new role
Help you Re-discover yourself and your value
Managing the board
Changing boardroom culture
Direction of travel and getting the right people in the boardroom

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