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Self Confidence – Do you have enough?

September 15th, 2017 Posted by What I Have Been Up To No Comment yet

It’s the single, biggest thing I help with

I know from many years experience that lack of self confidence is a common barrier in equal measure for men and women to decision making, progression in life/career and overall success. However, it never fails to surprise me just how much people put up with struggling with it’s impact on a day to day basis, when actually, if they grasped the nettle and came for support, they could very quickly get to the cause, sort it and move on. Those who do, never look back. It’s called unlocking your potential.

These are the sorts of confidence issues I help my clients deal with every day:

  • Confidence in who they are and the value they have to offer.
  • Confidence in their experience and what they know.
  • Confidence in their views and opinions.
  • Confidence in how they are perceived.
  • Confidence to speak up and say what they really mean in a board meeting and ask the questions they want to ask but dare not ask for fear of looking like they don’t know enough.
  • Confidence to delegate and trust that they’ve made the right recruitment decisions and trained people sufficiently to be able to do their jobs well.
  • Confidence to ‘walk the floors’ and simply be and share some of themselves.
  • Confidence to be open to random conversations with staff about whatever they want to talk about.
  • Confidence to deal constructively with difficult relationship issues.
  • Confidence to deal with business challenges face to face without feeling the need to hide behind an email.
  • Confidence to take a risk on themselves.
  • Confidence to participate in something they know nothing about and feel completely out of their comfort zone with.
  • Confidence to look in the mirror and be able to see why their children and their staff behave the way they do.


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